Friday, May 11, 2018

Dear Arnold


   I moved to the Ebbetts Pass area around 20 years ago, and enjoy fully the forest, the wildlife and even some of the people.

   I watched a video of a bunch of Callaway supporters insulting the Meadowmont Shopping Center and was shocked. 

    Because it wasn't built on Planned Development?  They said it was ugly and not like an 'alpine village' looking place.

   That made me really mad!  The first thing I noticed was that wonderful shopping center, here in the middle of a rural area and ski resort town.

   The wonderful market, Big Trees, is where I buy my groceries.  If not for that I would have to go quite a ways to buy food.

   Those extremist Callaway people are wrong!!  I love the whole Meadowmont Shopping Center and if her supporters, or Mr. Oliveiras are against it, I will NOT be voting for either of them.

   Get a life, people!  Stop trying to control the parts of the world you do not own.  I even heard one old guy say he wants to tell you what color you can paint something.

   Totally disgusted,

   B in Ebbetts Pass


Anonymous said...

Here! Here! I love the shopping center too. How can they complain about that?

Anonymous said...

I buy my groceries in Sonora, but don't mind the shopping center at all.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Callaway or the shopping center. It's ugly and it was forced into that area by bad unscrupulous contractors which it then went into foreclosure. The contractors skipped town with the money and no cares. It's should have been built in Cedar Center to create a downtown and the supervisor at that time was recalled. Poor planning and no planning is the result of trailer trash Arnold!

Anonymous said...

I always advise anyone looking to move to this area, to keep on driving up hwy 4, to murphys and above. The beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

The worst thing now is the dead trees. blue lake has been devastated and probably lost value. It will take time to come back. lots of empty stores in Arnold due to bad leadership, but I love ebbetts pass.

Anonymous said...

Everyone seems to blame Callaway for things she had no control over. LOL!

Stupidity still exists in this part of the county, clearly.

The lack of businesses in Anrold is due to the owners of the businesses either opening the wrong type, or mis managing them. It is not the responsibility of the Supervisor to ensure businesses stay open. It is the owners responsibility.

Even with no planned development, businesses will still be scarce in Arnold until people actually open the right kind of business. We have way too many furniture and accessory stores. How about something else? Something locals will actually go to regularly as well as tourists...

Anonymous said...

This is typical talk of a supervisor who won't accept blame for killing businesses. Calaway added around 12,000 to the cost of starting a business, above and beyond traditional cost. I think her goal was to kill Arnold.