Tuesday, May 15, 2018

PG&E says too expensive to put power underground???

Fires will continue to be caused by
PG&E lines until they agree to
bury them as they should!!!
   The only way to prevent PG&E caused fires is to BURY their lines!!! The Calaveras County CAO said that he broached the question of putting PG&E lines
underground, they balked and said the expense was about 5 times more expensive.  They
refused; would rather pay for burning down your home.

   Over time, however, they would save money and prevent fires.  They need to be forced by the PUC and the state governments an local governments, too bury all power lines.

   PG&E cannot be allowed to continue allowing these fires and blaming the public's trees for causing these fires.  This is insane!!  Force PG&E to bury all lines!!!


Anonymous said...

Really, you want to pay 5 to 10 times your power rate as it would cost millions to bury the lines. You do this back in the 50's when Arnold was being developed like any new subdivision.

Anonymous said...

that's ridiculous. It would be a one time expense, not an ongoing billiondollar expense every year, not including the fire payoffs. What is wrong with PG&E. I think I know. They could give a sh** about us, just take our money every month.

Anonymous said...

So true. They got away with only paying $50 G's to each homeowner they and cal fire burnt out in butte. lots cheaper they think. Not cheaper over time or with public relations, tho.