Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Is State of California and PG&E going too far??

   Locally, we are hearing all kinds of complaints about the PG&E clear-cutting to get even with the state legislature for suing them for fire damage.   Brown is happy about it because every tree that dies brings more water to his tunnels for LA.

   We understand that the clearing they are doing is going way too far; instead of burying the lines like they should they are damaging property values and hurting wildlife.

   The cost of clearing 100' around all lines will end up being much more year after year than burying the lines one time.  PG&E does NOT CARE!!! 

   Apparently the decision to cut trees in Discovery Park near Sacramento may bring about lawsuits,
and we can see more coming.

   BURY your lines, PG&E!!!


Anonymous said...

I spoke to a guy yesterday who is mad about this. Are they nuts? I agree that lines need to be buried. Can we start a petition if legislators won't help us?

Anonymous said...

I agree

Anonymous said...

Same here. Why can't they bury the lines like they are doing in Valley Springs?