Thursday, October 4, 2018

Slimy Oliveira campaign??? Improved businesses??? Wonderful?

   To be fair, we are posting an ANONYMOUS comment from a person who is apparently on candidate Oliveira's campaign

  "A wonderful asset to our area a local businesses...a wonderful person too.

   You should reach out to him a get the list of businesses he has helped IMPROVE in this short time period."

   This was a comment, anonymous, on an article for Callaway for Supervisor.  We have to ask WHAT businesses credit Oliveira for his improving them?

  We have to ask also, What do you mean by a short time?  He's had 4 years and has done NOTHING!  We know well as we have been watching him!

   As far as the statement, 'a wonderful person' we have to state that yes, if you like smelly cops who do NOTHING about real crime, gun thugs and RACISTS, he's wonderful, all right!!

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