Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Republican operative Oliveira denies wrongdoing!

   While Republican District 3 candidate for Supervisor Oliveira continues to deny any wrongdoing in accepting money from a side company that is secretly
part of Cal-Waste, we have questions.

   If he wasn't trying to hide it then why didn't he make public that it was the owner of Cal-Waste trying to secretly funnel money into his campaign for his vote of an increase in the contract renewal?

   Why does he feel it necessary to try and blame others for his behavior, instead of stepping up and admitting that he hid the donation?

   Why should anyone vote for Oliveira when he is not totally honest with any of us.  We can verify his lack of honesty for his entire 4 year stint. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He and his campaign are spreading FALSE rumors that Merita Callaway took money from cal-waste! She never has as I went through her FPPC records! How can anyone vote for someone who constantly lies to us?