Monday, July 23, 2012

Book Review - Author Dennis Dooley Writes: A Hard Ride

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   One of the biggest challenges facing biographers who venture into telling the stories of the past is getting input from the person themselves - most of whom are no longer with us. Angels Camp resident Dennis Dooley has accomplished a difficult task admirably.

   Dennis acquired a treasure in the many clippings, loose papers, scribbles and jotted notes that make up his father, Dick's memoirs, which give an honest portrait from days spent as young cowboy on the open range to an fearless traveler carried by the wind to his next job and adventure. Dick Dooley's biography is dotted with occasional commentary from a sons point of view. Narratives and background details help make for a very interesting and informative read.
    Although many would have the inclination to exaggerate or idolize the life of a man so close to their heart, this biography is anything but. Keeping a promise to his mother Dennis shares his fathers amazing life story of a bygone era detailing his father's passion for the outdoors and days of the old west, honoring him in a way only a son could. Nicely organized, this journal style book by a unlikely yet inspired author would be an original addition to your personal library.

Reviewed by Gerad Slayton

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