Wednesday, July 25, 2012

George Fry Running For Yet Another Office?

    George Fry, who has run for elective office many times in Calaveras County without success, has moved to Copperopolis and now wants to run for the Mark Twain Healthcare District Board?
    When the story broke about his having driven a mentally disabled woman to San Diego and then
came back without her while on the Mental Health Board,  his ablility to get elected or appointed to any positions have been nil.
   Then he applied for Planning Commissioner in the City of Angels Camp and failed to provide evidence of one of the degrees he stated he had on the application.

      Mark Twain Healthcare District receives $800,000 a year of taxpayer money to assure that Calaveras County residents get proper health care.
    We have been told that he is resigning from the Calaveras County Board of Education in order to run for this new office, and that he will be on the ballot in November.
   Many we've spoken with are shocked that $800,000 a year is given of our tax money to support what we assume is Mark Twain-St. Joseph's Hospital.
   What this mean is that Mark Twain St. Josephs is our County Hospital, much like the Tuolumne County Hospital in Sonora.  

    Be cautious of who you vote for, as Mark Twain St Josephs' is having enough problems. 

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