Monday, July 23, 2012

Public Access Not Free Anymore!

   Public Access TV Goes Down the Tubes

 The Calaveras County Board of Supervisors are planning to approve a resolution to start charging for classes on Public Access TV
  This is not surprising, since the entire Public Access TV Channel 9 has been neglected, is  we feel is totally politically motivated,  meetings are  omitted, and complaints go entirely unanswered.

    We are even aware that they charge people for DVD's they know will not play, and they keep the money.  And who is the chair of Public Access. The Superintendent of Schools, Kathy Northington.

     She is totally in charge, along with Ed and Joan Lark, Supervisor Callaway supporters and  assists in never ansering or satisfying complaints.  How do they get away with this? Good question.  
   Now they want to charge for this apparent incompetence is the impression we have from them. Maybe if they could do something right, they could charge, but under the circumstances, with political motivations at Public Access obvious, this is some gall.

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