Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Petty Theft Reported in Murphys

   A resident on Cedar Vista Drive in Murphys reported that lapidary supplies had been stolen from the front yard.
   No indication of the party knowing who stole the supplies was given in the report.

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Anonymous said...

I am writing this to reach out to our community as these items were stolen from my 90 year old great grandparent. They are of no great significant money value as they are to sentimental value to our family. My great grandparent had some of these items for 30+ years. I hope who ever stole these has a change of heart and returns them to there rightful owner no questions asked. Its pretty sad when people are stuping to the level of stealing from the elderly. If anyone knows who did this to my great grandparent than please encourage them to do the right thing and return them.They have a lot of sentimental value to our family.