Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trouble at the Red Brick Saloon in San Andreas

    Just before midnight on Friday, July 20, 2012, a call came in to the Calaveras County Sheriff's Department that a white male was seen walking toward the Red Brick Saloon carrying a chain.
    At that time nothing was done, but less than an hour later, another call came into the Sheriff that a physical altercation had taken place resulting in injuries.

   Upon arrival the deputies contacted the victim, Scott Anderson (47) of San Andreas, who stated that he was the victim of an allegedly unprovoked attack from Caleb Terry (23) of Valley Springs.

   According to statements obtained at the scene, Mr. Anderson was standing on the sidewalk outside the saloon when Terry abrupty threw a rock at Mr. Anderson from a short distance away, striking him in the face.

    Mr. Anderson suffered serious injuries to the lower portion of his face. He was transported to Mark Twain St.Joseph's Hospital where he obtained treatment for his injuries and was later released.

   The altercation may have started over suspect Terry being confronted about stealing a cell phone, but it is unclear what, if any, involvement  Mr. Andreson had in this aspect of the incident.

   After throwing the rock at Mr. Anderson. Terry immediately fled the scene in a passing vehicle with other subjects.  The vehicle transporting suspect terry was stopped a short distance from the saloon by law enforcement.

    Terry was taken into custody and transported to the Calaveras County Jail.  Another male passenger in the vehicle, Thomas Power (23) of Valley Springs, was also arrested on an active felony arrest warrant ($25.000 bail) out of the state of MIssouri.

    Terry was booked into jail on the charges of Penal Codes 256 A 1: Assault with a deadly Weapon not a Firearm, 243 D: Battery with Serious Bodly Injury, and 647 f: Disorderly Conduct-Public Intoxication.


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