Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teen Injured While Vandalizing High School

       On July 27, 2012 around 2:30 AM Calaveras County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to Calaveras High School for medical aid.

   Upon arrival they encountered six juveniles between the ages of 16 and 17, two of them being a 16 and 17 year old males, allegedly intoxicated (both from Valley Springs).

    The 16 year old male had apparently been consuming alcoholic beverages when he told his sober teenaged friends that he was going to go to Calaveras High School to vandalize the school.

    They followed him in an attempt to stop him.  Once at the school the 16 year old punched his hand through a window, causing a laceration to his arm.

   He then walked approximately 200 feet away from the broken window creating a blood trail, which is how the deputies were able to locate him.

    The injred 16 year old received medical aid from his friends until the deputies and fire/EMS personnel arrived.

   He was transported to MTH for treatment.  The second intoxicated male (17 year old) allegedly interfered with the deputies and fire/EMS personnel by yelling obscenities and taking "a fighting stance", claiming that they weren't doing enough to help his injured friend.

   The 17 year old fled the scene but the deputies were able to obtain his name prior to him leaving. The cost to prepare the window is unknown.

    A crime report was submitted charging the 16 year old with Vandalism (594 PC) Juvenile Law Offender (602 W & I), and Public Intoxication (647 f  PC).

    Charges wer also submitted on the 17 year old for  Public Intoxication and obstructing an investigation (148 PC).

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