Friday, July 27, 2012

Five Arrests After Compliance Search

    On Friday, July 27, 2012 at 7:30 AM, investigators from the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office conducted a probation compliance check on Eric Gabriel Sosa (34) of San Andreas at a residence on the 300 block of Russell Road in San Andreas.

     Suspect Sosa, along with Leah Ruth Robitaille (29) of Burson, Curtis John Kesterson (33) of Burson, Jason Wesley Andahl (28) of Mokelumne Hill, and Amber Hawthorne (30) of San Andreas, were ultimately arrested at the scene.

     At the time of the contact the above persons were located at the residence.  During the investigators' subsequent compliance search they located a combined total of over one ounce of methamphetamine and associated paraphernalia consistent with drug sales.

   The methamphetamine was found both on suspect Sosa's person and in his living quarters. Additionally, suspect Sosa was carrying a smoking pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine.

    Furthermore, at the time of suspect Sosa's jail booking additional methamphetamine, along with prescription narcotic pills were found hidden on hid body.

   He did not have a prescription ot possess the pills.

    Suspect Sosa, at the time of the above arrest, was out on bail from Calaveras county, the charges being Vehicle Code 2800.2 (Evading), 11550 a H & S (under the influence of a controlled substance), 11379 a H & S (Transport controlled substance), and 11378 H & S (Possession of controlled substance for sale), amongst other charges.

    Suspect sosa was previously released from state prison on 12/20/11, and was immediately assigned to the Calaveras County Post-Release Community Supervision (PRCS) program.

   At the time of his prison release he had one month remaining on his sentence. He was placed on the Probation Department's electronic monitoring program for the remaining month, and discharged from PRCS on 2/5/12 on the charges that led to his current bail situation.

   New charges on the above suspects are as follows:

   Sosa:  11377 H & S, 11378 H & S, 11364 H & S, 11350 H & S, 11351 H & S, 4573 PC, 12022.1 PC
   Kesterson:  115500 H & S
   Andahl:  11550 H & S
   Hawthorne: 11377 H & S
   Robitaille:  Misdemeanor arrest warrant ($30,000 bail) out of Amador County for Vehicle Code section 31 (false information to a peace officer)

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