Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trespassing and Violence at Lake Tulloch?

    One of the resident neighbors of the Lake Tulloch Resort came to the Board of Supervisors to complain about the trespassing, noise, drinking and violence that he has to endure due to the parties at the Resort on weekends.

    The Supervisors do plan to pass a noise ordinance, and Tryon mentioned an administrative use permit, but the homeowner says this has gone on for a long time and nothing changes.


Anonymous said...

Good God do any of the supes read our county code? The hotel is zoned C2-PD. There are 48 rooms. The facility barely has enough parking for guests and their trailers. 17.36.020 States that a hotel, bar, marina and restaraunt are accepted uses. 17.36.030 addresses conditional uses under section C where it CLEARLY states concerts or entertainment events of more then 1000 persons require a CUP, not anadministrative permit. This has been brought to the BOS and County Counsel AND the sherriff department every BUMP event in advance. Yet here we are again. They do not enforce the code because they do not understand the code.

Anonymous said...

Supervisor Tryon doesn't care about the residents in Copperopolis anyway. He only loves his favorite developers.