Saturday, July 21, 2012

Murphys Sanitary Board Chair Wants Agenda Items Removed..chuckle, chuckle!

Murphys Sanitary District Customers
might as well use these, since they
admit sewer lines leak into the soil.
   One of the many shocking things that happen during a Murphys Sanitary District Board meeting is strange or discouraging comments made by the board Chair, Pat Davies. Does she
represent the ratepayers of MSD?
   For instance, at their Special Meeting on July 18, 2012, she made the comment that several things could be taken off the agenda, in her opinion, and then seemed to chuckle.

 We listened to the tape twice to be sure of what was going on because there are always several people talking at once, it seems.
   Is this simply inappropriate behavior or is it actually illegal and proves conflicts of interest? One of the things on the agenda that night was the building she owns had been inspected for mold due to an employee illness.

   When Chair Davies asked her legal counsel Ken Airola if she had to leave the room during that agenda item, he said no.  Then Julio Guerra, the General Mangager stated that yes, she does need to leave the room. Her husband John remained in the audience. 
   Later on in the meeting, her husband John Davies, made the statement that he was going to get a second opinion from another inspector of his choice. 
   The MSD Board was told by Julio Guerra, the new General Manager, after the report they had requested was returned with a positive report of mold was read, that the Board is responsible legally for the welfare of its employees.
    The Board then said they would write a letter to the owners of the building, John and Pat Davies.
   Now, does this mean that instead of the building getting immediate remedy for the mold, that there will be yet more delays?
    What are these people thinking? They are a Board of Directors, responsible for Murphys Sanitary District! This is not some game they are playing.  We don't get it!  Couldn't they be sued?

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Anonymous said...

Murphys Sanitary District always gets out of trouble some way or another. No one is willing to take them on. Come on people get your priorities straight, does anyone know how many employees and Board Members have quit due to illegal activities? The good people just cant deal with the shit in that District!