Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wilensky Says Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Caused by Lack of County Health Nurses?

We agree  that  this
nurse, standing between
a couple, could prevent STD's
    In one of the strangest of the hundreds of "sermons on the mount" by Supervisor Steve Wilensky, he stated, among other things, that he wants to fund the County Health Department more because our children are getting STD's (sexually transmitted diseases).
   What used to be believed was being caused by having sex,
has now changed into being caused by not having enough County Health Department nurses, according to Wilensky.
   Has he been eating too many of his own apples, or enjoying too much apple jack?


Unknown said...
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Pamela Hill said...

I find this report of Supervisor Wilensky's comments to be highly suspect. One of the things that we have learned about Mr. Wilensky over the years is that he is one of the most intelligent and serious commentators on public policy.

I was not present when he made his comments but common sense tells me that it most likely involved the lack of health education, which would traditionally be offered by Public Health professionals, being a contributor to increased STDs.

Just a guess, of course.

Pamela Hill