Tuesday, October 2, 2012

If you think Calaveras County is a Hotbed for Politics....

     Most of us who pay attention are aware of what a hotbed Calaveras County is for political falsehoods, lawsuits, scandals and what have you.

   Well, just next door is the Ricky Gill (the new guy on the block) vs, Jerry McNerney for a congressional seat.

   Ricky Gill, a barely 25 year old who has turned that race on its ear, has been making public that Jerry McNerney, who said he moved to the Stockton area, actually had not.

   Now McNerney is running ads saying that:  Gill lives with his parents, is a college kid, receives an allowance from his parents, etc. etc. etc. to make him appear too immature to be in Congresss.

   The Stockton Record did a fact check and said McNerney's claims are false!  What next? Don't you love politics?

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