Friday, October 5, 2012

Who is to Blame at Murphys Sanitary District?

   At the tumultuous Murphys Sanitary District meetings, yelling is the way things are handled. Not very businesslike.  

   At the emergency Board meeting, the Board President, Pat Davies, allowed her husband to yell at their General Manager and ask him if he would "go outside" with him.

   Mike Peccia yelled that ALL of the employees should take a 50% pay cut to pay for this mess.

   This has been the problem with the Davies running MSD.  The Board President allows audience members like Mike Peccia and John Davies to yell and insult their GM, with no attempting to stop it.

   If it wasn't for Julio Guerra being hired, the MSD would be in much more serious trouble than they are now, with the State of California.

   People who have no clue what they are doing, are attempting to run MSD. When will they ever stop this. The sludge is contaminating the soild below where the employee dumped it, and possible contaminating the well-water.

   This is all clearly the fault of the employee who supposedly hid the sludge and stockpiled it for years before they brought in a qualified General Manger, Guerra.

  Instead of putting the blame where it belongs, friends of that employee actually try to blame the new General Manager.  And the President of the Board, Pat Davies, allows it. BAD NEWS!!

   If the Davies were out of the picture would things be handled properly?  It couldn't be much worse!

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Anonymous said...

Pat Davies, as owner of the office building that MSD conducts their business and sitting on the Board of Directors of MSD is a conflict in itself, but to blame her for the blatant mishandling of District business is unfounded. The finger should be pointed in the direction of the employee that has posed as the District Manager for many years. This man has made costly mistakes so many times you cant keep count anymore. When is it enough. Will it take a large costly lawsuit to make the Board see who the common denominator is for most of the District problems. This person has put the costly blame on so many other people that the Board Members dont know how to deal with him, and at the cost of the ratepayers. The community members of Murphys should stand up, go to the meetings and demand an explanation as to why this person still has a job at MSD. The sanitation plant only requires a Grade 2 wastewater certificate and there are many prople out there that would love to have his job at a lower salary and no costly legal problems for the District. Problem solved.