Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Calaveras Supervisor Chair Ponte unfair--no equal time for dissenters

   Calaveras Supervisor Chair Debbie Ponte was showing her liberal bias yesterday for Chris Wright's friends who came in a were allowed to go on and on for at least three minutes each in favor of Wilenky's absolutely ridiculous Moke River presentation. Ponte catered to Wilensky and Wrights supporters, treating them as special again!

   As it got close to the people who wanted to speak against the idea, she cut the time down to 2 minutes and then cut them off. Wilensky must have had the day off from his bigshot SEIU job, because he was in the audience and hanging around the County offices most of the day.

   The Wild and Scenic designation means that no water can be saved due to droughts, so that the rafting businesses can thrive.  Whether the federal or state authorities will agree with this ridiculous resolution or not is unclear. WE ARE IN A DROUGHT!! And all you care about is RAFTING?


Anonymous said...

Supervisor Wright expressed his growing up on the Moke River, running around with a childhood friend, who passed away last year.
It seemed as if the resolution would be a way to memoralize Mr. Wright's friend and their childhood.
A key phrase "economic development" was included in the discussion. First, we need to know the definition of "economic development" in District-2. Then, we'll see.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know economic development in D2 is totally limited to slash and burn and rafting. Uh, Duh!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice how much of a bully Chris Wright is? He is rude, self absorbed, and cares only about himself