Thursday, February 20, 2014

Have you seen "Jumanji"? The "Postal" part?

  Last weekend the Robin Williams movie "Jumanji" was on. Its the one about a board game that becomes real life. The "postal" gun store scene is the one that grabbed our attention.

  For some reason we have never seen the part about the man who goes into a gun store to upgrade his old rifle for a more "effective" weapon.

  First the owner says you have to fill out all these forms and there's a waiting period. Then, all of a sudden the owner of the gun store locks all the doors and then brings out this AK47 type rifle with a gigantic round clip of ammunition and the guy likes it.

  Then the owner says you can just take it, no paperwork or delay,but I have one question. "Are you a POSTAL employee?" The best part of the whole movie, and so true to life.

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Anonymous said...

good one, Sentinel! We get it!