Sunday, February 16, 2014

What really goes on in Angels Camp on Kirby Way?

  After receiving many comments, and emails stating facts that the Angels Camp Police Department says are not substantiated, the Sentinel has decided to more fully investigate this case.

   Since we are aware that the City Council tried to turn Kirby Way into a City street to make Mr. Bob Menary happy, and then reversed their decision when the property owners got an attorney, the City is obviously involved in, and may be perpetuating , this situation.

   Many allegations have come forward and the City Council, the Mayor, and the Chief of Police are afraid to even respond to our questions; instead having their City Attorney tell us there has apparently been no crime committed and that the City is not involved. HUH???

   If you have any evidence, copies of a police report made, have personally witnessed any of the criminal behavior of the owners or renters of the property in question near Kirby Way, and are not afraid to come public, please let us know.

   Nearly every person we speak with says they believe the City of Angels Camp is covering up for Mr. Menary, and question even his building violations in the area. We know that something isn't right!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta rememer, if police do not see anything happen, well it didn't happen. Neighborhood watch is no good anymore.

Anonymous said...

Upadate- Manery was seen in that area today parked in his car just sitting and "watching" a neighbor in that area. What's up with this guy!?!?!?