Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira lies, again???

   During the last Calaveras Supervisor meeting, a member of the public wanted to know what the County did with the millions it collected from the cannabis farmers who willingly paid thousands each to become fully honorable business people.

   District 3 Supervisor Oliveira stated loudly, that it was all gone and was backed up by Supervisor Mills. The speaker questioned this, saying he didn't believe it.  Thanks to the county admin, we find Oliveira did lie! Of the nearly $4 million collected just on permit and registration fees, only $668,000 has been spent. Why does Oliveira lie????


Anonymous said...


1. He lied
2. He's just ignorant of the facts
3. The county admin lied
4. The county admin is ignorant of the facts

There's more possibilities than just your assertion but they all point to incompetence.

Anonymous said...

Mills is the rotten problem. Toffenli a close second. Clapp is plain stupid. Oliveira is for regulation as well as Garamendi.

They stated the police dept and libraries would be the first to have deep budget cuts. Mills stated we need to discuss in closed session so the public cant hear. County council stated it was against the brown act.

Anonymous said...

How can elected officials ignore all departments regarding the decision to renew the UO?? How and why would the three bleeps Mills, Clapp and Toffanelli order a ban when the sheriff and captain pleaded not to create a vacume and prevent enforcement. Why does this Mills character want to only discuss in closed session and why is he so ignorant he doesnt understand the brown act or just willing to violate it. This is a very serious matter. District two rep Garamendi state his district will erupt in violence and also stated he is strongly against violence. Obviously a good and rational person and we are lucky to have him. Although Mr Oliveira is against cultivation he has the rational and professional moral to understand the need to fund law enforcement and regulate what is going on. NOT ONE TIME HAVE I HEARD A NEGATIVE WORD REGARDING INDOOR CULTIVATION! NOT ONE