Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ban on cannabis??? Booze prohibition!!

  A ban on cannabis is not something new?  It has always been illegal in Calaveras County. It does not matter. People have been growing it anyway since the 60's. One member of the public admitted that he has.

   So what good would a new ban do. It would just keep the illegal growers growing and make the honest growers stop.  How stupid are the residents of Calaveras anyway. Banning, or making it illegal like they did Prohibition of booze in the 20's, is just a way of bringing up more criminals to get rich.


Anonymous said...

Many people who are in favor of making sure its legal are afraid of those 5 wierdos who are against it. They will get even. Not nice people.

Anonymous said...

veiled threats again??
What is really funny, the county officials (Dept. Heads) to include the Sheriff recommend the BOS EXTEND the ordinance an additional year as allowed by state law.

Fiscal Impacts $7.58 million - $11.37 million annually.

According to the Planning Director Prop. 64 passed which limits the county's ability to fully ban cultivation for personal use. The county can restrict the cultivation to no more than 6 plants per residence, grown indoors in a residential or accessory building. Barring local regulations, Prop 64 allows six plants grown outdoors if screened from view from the street.

Can the county increase it's taxation position above what it is now, regarding cultivation?

It will be interesting to see how many people pack up and leave calaveras county for less stinky pastures.

Calaveras might as well establish itself as a sanctuary county too!

Jerry Brown's California legacy will live on forever!

Anonymous said...

A Ban will constitute a higher demand due to less product and increase the cost, thus inviting a criminal element. Legalization and regulation will provide a more substantial harvest thus lowering the price point and removing the crime. Pretty basic including the tax benefits from measure C for the County. No brainer as they say... Do you understand this? McManus / Vicke stupid isn't that your last name? Grumpy Tunno? and all you other HICK idiots

Anonymous said...

That's sad that you're such an arrogant _ _ _ _ _ _ _. You keep coming up with the same nonsense, legalization and regulation nonsense will make it safer. Far from it. Hey, are you filing your tax return with income earned or are you hiding it in cash? Are you upset because your passing of an envelope isn't going to well. By the way, how much is in one of those envelopes?
If you were really concerned, you'd be considerate of your fellow man by constructing your grow green houses or indoor grow building with scrubbers to clean the perfume your crop emits. Expenditures like that are a write off to real business people. Keep up your work, intimidation, threats and telling us how nice you are.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see such jealous failures in life as these boozers???