Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Where was the Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services???

   Since Calaveras Supervisor Oliveira has admitted he can't handle any type of stress and didn't know what to do when the snow storms and ice hit Ebbetts Pass, why didn't he order OES to help us?

  It was dangerous; the county was NOT plowing, people were trapped with no heat and no power, and what was Oliveira doing? Blowharding, as usual???

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Anonymous said...

Did the last board appoint someone to be the lead for OES? Edson wanted all the glory and he failed to get re-elected. Wasn't that special of Edson to show up at yesterdays BOS hearing on marijuana and advise them how to do the job?
Two defeated supervisors during one hearing, Tryon and Edson. Only in Calaveras.