Monday, January 23, 2017

Do Calaveras Supervisors have the three votes??

   At tomorrow, January 24 2017 Calaveras Supervisors meeting, what to do about the ban on cannabis will be decided.

   Although many complaints were received about the signature gathering being dishonest, the Board will decide whether to just ban t outright or send it to the voters.

      Does McmAnus have to pay the $80,000 to have a special election so that BOOZE will stay the drug of choice for he and his friends at the Sheriff's Office.


District 1 voter said...

Let's hope they don't vote to ban because then we will have take more money out of the county to purchase our medicine. The county needs a tax base and marijuana is already our biggest crop. And has been for years. Even the VA is okay with my use for neuropathy. Besides it's legal to grow for everyone in california, and the county can't stop that.

Anonymous said...

vote no on a ban. Keep all the small shops that depend on the farmers spending. Shut it down, it wont go away. All the bad actors will stay as they have always been here.

Anonymous said...

You'll soon see. Didn't the people just vote on something? How much was in each envelope given to the, at least, two of the previous board members?

Anonymous said...

After all the fan fare, the bOS voted for the people's vote.

Anonymous said...

The beginning of board discussion was interesting. Supervisor Clapp expressed when he moved to Calaveras County, bought 12 lots to build homes on, then the county put in place a moratorium on housing construction, stopping all construction. Construction brought a lot of money into county coffers, back then, construction was legal as it still is.
Compare today's Marijuana boom, it's brought a lot of money into county coffers. It has also brought a lot of crime into the county and unrecoverable expense to county.

How will the growers respond if the VOTERS approve by vote, a ban on marijuana? How will a broke county deal with it and potential lawsuits?

By the way, how long has former supervisor Tryon been growing marijuana? How come he was never caught during the raids of past?