Monday, January 23, 2017

Calaveras Supervisors extend expensive lease with CCTV

  In a strange world where CCTV, who originally started a public television studio in Calaveras County owns the building, but the land has been owned by Calaveras County Water District, much controversy has been shown in the county paying CCTV to rent that building back.

   Although last year a CCTV Board member (we don't think they do any filming anymore) stated that they were definitely donating the building back to the county, who should be the owner, now it seems they have refused. 

    On Tuesday January 24, 2017 another expensive lease is being approved between the county and that little group CCTV.

   The county (taxpayers) also pay to hire a person to run the building, buy all the equipment, etc. Do you see a problem here???

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