Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Call Calaveras Supervisor Michael Oliveira!!!! 795-0985

   With all the complaints we have heard about Calaveras Supervisor Michael Oliveira, we thought we ought to publish his phone number here.  Don't be afraid!! You have the right to call him!! He gets paid a lot of money to take care of District 3.

   We don't know which of his FIVE wives might answer, but call 209-795-0985.  Make sure he knows how you really feel about him as your supervisor, and not helping the residents during this melee of storms. 


Anonymous said...

someone should look carefully at the comments made by MILLS who basically stated that growers are urban terrorists and even with a ban he knows how to pay for enforcement and abatement. I cant quote his exact words but they were very predudous and the video feed on Calaveras web site is still up. His comments came when each supe was asked to comment on the ban. Immagine an elected official talking this ways towords his constituants. He is by far the worst of the bunch!! Please listen to his comments to post acurately

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to miss the testimony of citizens afraid to leave their property due to the "growers" activities?

Anonymous said...

How did they testify. I kknow people who are afraid to leave their property because of the racist Trumpsters, so that means nothing.