Wednesday, January 25, 2017

And behind Blue Tarp # 3....mug shot???

   We have to tell you that the photo of behind Blue Tarp # 3, which we have now received back, blown up for identification, looks just like a mug shot, an ugly one at that.

   If this person was indeed part of what our video investigator says he thinks it is, she is indeed a conspirator and was most likely promised part of the money. We and several others are now going over it in detail.

   The fact that this person, who has now been identified, hates animals so much, that participation in yet another possible dog poisoning was all right, is downright terrifying.

   We love and protect our animals against dog poisoners and become protective when past dog poisoners, as anyone would, come near our property line. But not this person.

   This person should not be allowed around any animals, as we worry about what would happen to them. We are notifying the proper people.

    A willing and in fact, eager conspirator, we even heard screaming threats after the scumbags left our property line, and again later on, coming from a home.

    Racists, criminals, animal abusers, thieves; its all the same. This person clearly has mental issues, just like the original poisoners. 

   We will be discussing it with the proper people, while we hold onto the mug shot.  You will have a hard time believing what we found out.  Keep filming everything. You never know what kind of criminal fraud is next when you're dealing with crazy nuts!!

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