Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What did Calaveras do with the MONEY from farmers???

   Calaveras County has some crazy elected officials in office, but when a member of the public asked what the Supervisors did with the MILLIONS they collected from legitimate cannabis farmers, gun maniac and boozer Oliveira was called a liar by many. He has NO respect from the public.

   We all know that Oliveira is a liar; members of the public tell us that all the time. He told the speaker that they SPENT it all.  Fancy machines that cost hundreds of thousands, more employees who NEVER go to pot grows, and more weapons. Is that how they WASTED the money.

   I want to see an audit of where the money went. The temporary Sheriff has apparently stated to Oliveira that they want NO money left as of a few months ago. So, they spent it in any way they could. 

   We are going to have to call the Calaveras Board Chair "CROOKED Oliveira"!!!

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