Sunday, January 29, 2017

Faith in our Sacred Earth -- new religion???

   Many are talking today about religion and its horror, especially Christianity, from the Crusades down to the extremists forcing their personal beliefs onto others and controlling
the US government.

   We have been researching what is happening with others in their search for something better, something less evil than  Christianity, which now welcomes NO ONE, judges everyone and wants the government to be controlled by them.

    The fact is that the Earth itself is in danger from these Christians and the Trump wackos now running our country.  The Doomsday Clock is so much closer as a result.

     Our Earth is what should be worshipped; perhaps the Faith in our Sacred Earth?  What do you think? It is being destroyed!  Humans will soon follow!

   This is somewhat based on Pantheism, which is following the acceptance of science and our beautiful planet and the wonders upon it.

   From the mountains and prairies to the wildlife that shares it all with us, the trees, waters, animals, the ocean and what lies beneath it, it may be past time for a change.

   The Faith in our Sacred Earth would accept those who believe in all forms of gods, but would aim to NATURE as its manifest destiny to protect.  It would NOT worship any single god. (There are thousands throughout history. )

   Can you think of a better name???  The Christian so-called Catholics and others I know are not people I can associate with now that they worship Trump instead of any god.

   Don't you think its TIME to escape???  Without our Earth, there is nothing for us!!



Anonymous said...

I've got to think about that. it's revolutionary. I've heard Ron Reagan speak of his atheism, regardless of his parents, but whoa, maybe i'm just a coward.

Anonymous said...

Watch your step, you're about to fall over the cliff. We don't own the earth, the government of Obama does! Hey, Obama is getting back into his life as a community organizer