Thursday, January 26, 2017

What a mess....but money rules???

   Driving up and down Hwy 4 regularly, most of us know that lengthy stops, amid icy conditions are commonplace.

   If you allow the SMCI people onto your property (if you signed the release forms) to remove trees, you will be telling Caltrans, PG&E, etc., that it is okay with you to destroy anything in their path; and they are.

   We've been taking photos of the destruction along the stretch between the little church and Murphys, where they are now dragging large trees out to the roadway for loading.

   There is this morning a large crane down in the gully in the middle of the work area, NO cops anywhere and cones blocking one driveway who doesn't welcome the MSCI cutters.

   Other driveways are blocked by MSCI trucks and yesterday one person could not get into their own driveway for a lengthy time due to the truck not moving, further blocking traffic.  Where are the COPS? 

   Everyone knows the dead trees need to be removed, but not only could they wait for better weather, but safer conditions for everyone, including the loggers.  Is it about getting MONEY???

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