Thursday, January 26, 2017

Temporary pot-smoking sheriff says BAN

   So, what is the reason that our temporary pot smoking Calaveras Sheriff want to BAN marijuana in the county.

  Will he lose money from the FEDS for illegal removal if we legalize and regulate the industry? And where does "sheriff Rick" as one person called him (like he's a cartoon character)

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Anonymous said...

Sheriff recommends renewal of the existing Urgency Ordinance and crafting a permanent ordinance to regulate the industry

Cannabis Study Session January 31, 2017
The Chief Administrative Officer, Building Official, Sheriff, Auditor, Treasurer/Tax Collector, Environmental Management Agency Director, Public Works Director, and Planning Director all recommend that when the extension of the urgency ordinance is considered on February 14, 2017 that the Board of Supervisors extend the ordinance for the additional year as allowed by state law.