Friday, October 6, 2017

After many back injuries, real hero credited!

   Reports of cops' injuries requiring treatment in Las Vegas after they repeatedly patted each other heftily on the back, have been coming in this week.

   Finally, today, the real hero, Jesus Campos, a low-paid security guard at the Mandalay, was given the credit he deserves.  Yes, an Hispanic!!!!

   He responded to the room on the 32nd floor without a gun, was shot at repeatedly and still was able to report the position of the gunman to the police.

   He is now off work on disability and a Go Fund Me Page has been set up to help him and his family.  He is the one who deserves a gentle pat on the back, or perhaps a medal.  He distracted the shooter from the window, saving many lives.

   Thank you, Mr. Campos!!!

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