Thursday, October 19, 2017

ISIS crashes Trump Train in Niger--4 dead, 2 wounded

   Trump has been repeatedly bragging that he has defeated ISIS and that it is only he who has been able to beat them.

  Now we learn, TWO WEEKS LATER,  that in Niger, poor surveillance, bad intelligence, bad communication, incompetence in sending men out to battle with unarmed vehicles and light rifles, ended in the TRUMP TRAIN Wreck of death because of Trumps policies.

  In fact, it turns out that the black Sgt. was left behind for 2 days to rot in the field; found by Nigerian forces, that the body was transported by unknown contractors and that Trump cannot even handle a bereavement call to the widow!!

   As McCain and Bush have now said; this is a scary time in America!! Disgusting man! Sad days!!

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