Saturday, October 21, 2017

Are all Marines drunks, mental cases and racist liars???

   Now that General (four stars) Kelly, the WH Chief of Staff, has been proven to be a liar and racist, people are beginning to wonder.

  How many Marines
(or ex-Marines) do you know?  How many are racists?  How many are liars? How many abuse women, threaten the President, are total drunks and mental cases??

   Is there something in the culture of the Marines that causes it, or are racists drawn to the Marine Corp for some reason?

  Kelly smeared a black congresswoman, calling her names and saying that she made claims about an FBI building. Thank heaven for videos; this one proved that Kelly not only  lied, but showed him for the true racist he is. 

   Kelly is just like Trump, just a little more disciplined. Sarah Huckaby tried to say we cannot question a 4-star Marine--BULL SH**!!

  Now we need to question everything out of that low-life's mouth!!!

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