Friday, October 20, 2017

OP-ED: Is it true about racist Mike Prestons new threats??? Now DiBasilio's wife???? Oliveira CAMPAIGN??? Corruption in Calaveras!!

   We have received an anonymous tip about the horrid violent racist who, after allegedly conspiring with Karen Strohmeyer (according to the DA), to cut over 100 of my grandmothers trees next door to her.
Strohmeyer knew how much those trees meant to the family.

   It was reported to the Calaveras Sheriff, who covered for them.      Sgt. Oldham, who recently resigned, was involved and was part of the cover for his friends. It's in the DA's report, of which we have a copy!  We believe that Karen Strohmeyer, who has a relationship with Preston, was the instigator, her idea!!

    We have had her in court several times and the Strohmeyers were ordered to pay us thousands already.  Supervisor Oliveira is also involved in the harassment, having Preston and Strohmeyer put up 7 of his idiot campaign signs on the property line, facing only the neighbors land and unseen from any street. The Calaveras Sheriff also allows this!!

    We have refused to EVER support Oliveira's crazy, racist, pro-gun agenda and he GETS EVEN!!

   Preston, who the wife of the Sentinel has NEVER met, but identified in a line-up, has long been banned from anything to do with the husband's businesses or personal property.

   Preston  admitted it to the District Attorney, that cutting the trees was "to make  the owners, especially the wife, of Sierra Sentinel MAD" because he and Strohmeyer were angry about the Sentinel writing anti-racism and anti-gun violence articles, against his Candyrock gun club and articles about dirty cops.

   The most recent threat, we have been told, but cannot confirm is that he is warning the temporary Sheriff DiBasilio that he had better "follow the plan", that he had Kuntz "by the short hairs" to keep from being arrested for the vandalism reported.

   Apparently the threat involves trees DiBasilio's wife cares about on their property. It is our opinion that racist Preston, who has been reported to Secret Service and FBI for threatening President Obama, is real brave in threatening women and TV sets!!!  Mental instability is NOT a defense for these crimes.

   This is all about the Oliveira campaign, who is currently mixed up with the DiBasilio campaign, and Preston is in charge, we are told. Another battle for power and more damage to be done???

   We do not intend to warn DiBasilio about this, other than this public writing. In fact, we hope it happens so that he will know how we feel about his racist and corrupt friends.


Anonymous said...

You don't mention fat boy. how come?

Anonymous said...

I think that creep is also a marine, not sure, but think so.