Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Calaveras Auditor should have Professional Standards like Rebecca Callen

  Calaveras County has been fortunate for the past few years to have Rebecca Callen as Auditor. Under her control, the county has seen a cleaning up of questionable financial practices.

  Now Ms. Callen says she doesn't want to run again although not really of retirement age. Why? And why is the Board of Supervisors preventing setting up Professional Standards for the position in order to run for the office. 

  Clapp seems to be the basic objector. Is someone he knows wanting to run although not as qualified as Ms. Callen???  Does Clapp attack Callen for personal reasons???? The public seems to think so.

   We have to question anything Clapp and Mills do now.  They are in the extremist Alt-Right of possible fraud and phony reports, letters written without approval of the Board and simple lack of ethics!!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Callen has always been willing to talk to citizens about their concerns of county finances. Mills and Clapp are promoting the potential destruction of Calaveras County government.

Anonymous said...

Since the General Plan has not been completed, what makes anyone think that the regulating and oversight of growers will be any different? A lot of high paid slackers (planning director) in Calaveras government employment.