Friday, October 20, 2017

On an Olympic score of 1-10, Trump gives himself a 10 in Puerto Rico

    In yet another bizarre HOSTAGE type interview, the Governor of Puerto Rico was pressed to agree with Trump that his handling of their Maria Hurricane
was rated a 10!

   Of course, the Governor was very cordial, but did not agree with the Trump statement.

   Then the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico appeared on CNN and was asked if she agreed with Trump that he was a 10.

   Mayor Cruz said yes, if it's 10 out of 100!!  Puerto Rico is a total disaster and Trump is now admitting it was as bad or worse than Katrina.

   Well, this is YOUR Katrina, Trump!!!  Mayor Cruz, can you run for President?  We need strong, courageous women in the U.S. and we are sick to death of this DIRTY LYING TRUMP!!!

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