Thursday, October 26, 2017

Calaveras politics!! Someone was missing...Why???.

   There were notables and elected officials galore at the CCWD ribbon cutting ceremony in Arnold on October 25, 2017, but something was missing.

   There was D3 Supervisor and the Calaveras Sheriff, COG Rep and Planning Commissioner, State officials were represented, Fire officials and even McClintock's office sent someone
to the ceremony.

   So what was missing?  We attended because business locations in Arnold of ours had been handled by the contractor and CCWD engineer both effectively and efficiently.

   Where were other business persons, specifically the Greater Arnold Business Association Board of Directors?

  True, there was so much RIGHT WING extremism in the air, it squeaked, but neither GABA, nor their Supervisorial candidate Callaway, showed up for the free press.  Why not??? Are they on the outs with Underhill, the CCWD Director and possible Oliveira, who took Callaway's job away from her?

   Was GABA not happy with the job CCWD did on the pipeline?  There were some problems along the way, but they were handled fairly quickly. 

  Calaveras politics!! Always nasty behind the scenes, and always fascinating!!


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Anonymous said...

Saw you guys there. Did you notice olivera was wearing a lot of makeup?