Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Thank you Supervisor Oliveira....

   We just returned from attending the CCWD ribbon cutting ceremony at Cedar Center in Arnold, where they were celebrating the completion
of the new pipeline.

   All five CCWD Directors, along with representatives from state officials and Supervisor of District 3 Michael Oliveira attended.

   We extended our appreciation to Bertha Underhill for the work they completed with quality near
one of our businesses, and to Supervisor Oliveira for his vote on the Cannabis issue at the October 24, 2017 Board of Supervisors meeting.

  Oliveira, along with Garamendi and Tofanelli voted to regulate cannabis and not BAN it.  It is the first time we have extended a hand to the Chair of the Board Oliveira since he took office.

  We had a nice chat with both Underhill and Oliveira, who let us know he reads the every day. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you, supervisor Oliveira for your strong leadership and good decision t regulate and fund the sheriff dept. who need the money to enforce the law. Please work to provide higher pay for your officers so they are confident in our community and stay long-term, raise families and become pillars of the community.

Dist three business owner ABP

Anonymous said...

ABP will you pay all the raises in salary, you've suggested? Do you know what the dollar value of those paychecks are with O/T and other benefits?

Anonymous said...

Will I pay it? You sound like you don't agree to law enforcement deserving pay increase? Measure C will pay it. We need officers who will remain in Calaveras County, not to leave because other Counties pay more. These men and woman deserve it!

Anonymous said...

No, I don't agree, not until all the slackers are removed.