Friday, October 20, 2017

Trump's Chief of Staff General Kelly's unbelievable statements

   During COS Kelly's most recent 'hostage' interview, he stated several weird things. He started out saying that 'nothing is sacred' like it used to be.

   First, he mentioned women are no longer sacred
due to recent press reports. He must be talking about the tape of Trump admitting to being a sexual predator, saying he can 'grab women by the p**** and get away with it'.

   Then he said the "LIFE" is no long sacred!  A military general who has obviously killed and ordered even MORE killed even mentioning LIFE being sacred.  This is a sick man.

   Finally, he claimed that Gold Star families and their phone calls from the President are no longer sacred.  Trump is the one who politicized the death by bragging that only HE ever calls dead soldiers families.  His phone calls are PUBLIC information.

  The widow had a right to put the friends and family on speaker phone when the President called her in the car. Kelly then tried to say that Trump was NOT disrespectful and called the Congresswoman names.

   This man needs help!!!  He' obviously got a severe case of LYING Trump-it is!!

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