Monday, October 23, 2017

Who approved Jack Cox to write ANY EIR for Calaveras Supervisors Mills, Clapp and Tofanelli???

  The question of what qualifies Jack Cox and his Communications Institute to write a NEW Calaveras County EIR on cannabis, and who approved it being written, is now on the table.

     Mills, we believe is some kind of nut case, who wants to be a big shot. This is so typical of his ilk, who attended the Steve Bannon Breitbart GOP convention last week!!

  There are only two officers listed for the Corporation, Jack Cox and John Cox. Are they the same person?

   This report was prepared by and for two people who had already decided what the outcome would be. To that end, the report was developed and completed.

   Cox is not a scientist, an expert in agriculture, an expert on drug abuse or cannabis and yet he appears to have inserted himself as a LOBBYIST with no qualifications whatsoever.

   This report is total garbage, it is neither objective or in the best interest of the community because the outcome, as with everything Mills does, was predetermined.

   It is shameful that Supervisor Mills, elected on false claims he made, should be allowed to manipulate our communities in such a manner. He reminds us of HITLER, who did the same thing with the Jews!!

   This report is not only questionable, but should be tossed out, along with the Nazi-like Mills, who cannot control himself.  Where does Oliveira stand: he obviously knew all about it. Is he also a Nazi sympathizer????

   We'll know tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

Cox seems to have a problem and should be ignored!! I think he caused pontes demise.

Anonymous said...

Many people named Jack, go by John and same for John>some go by Jack