Friday, October 6, 2017

Bait and Switch works for Calaveras Sheriff

   The Sheriff's department in Calaveras County has never been known to exert any real energy into investigating ANYTHING (except to harass citizens who don't support their corruption).

   Therefore, it makes sense that they never recover burglarized items of value or arrest racists or dirty cops who make threats (even to our President).

   They will, however, use the Planning Department's BAIT AND SWITCH trick to confiscate and or eradicate cannabis in Calaveras.

   It works like this:  Farmers pay their $5000 to apply for a LEGAL permit to grow cannabis.  The Planning Department denies it. Then the Sheriff goes out (they have nothing better to do) and cuts down all cannabis found. Then they TAKE the money the farmer trustingly gave to the county.

  We thought BAIT and SWITCH was an illegal activity????   Then the Sheriff sends out press releases bragging that he is solving crime and arresting criminals??? And this Sheriff wants to run for Sheriff???

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