Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Calaveras Guardian: Iconic black bears hiding from hunters

   California's flag has as its emblem, a bear. A beautiful bronze statue donated by then Governor Schwartzenegger sits outside the governors office in Sacramento and yet, this species, the only ones left in California, is threatened.

   Chased by hunters they have been seen, most recently a mother bear a three cubs, running from the crazy and often drunk, violent hunters, who want to torture and kill them for 'SPORT'!

   Of course, hunting is NOT a Sport!  It is only a game of killing unarmed wildlife, simply trying to exist among sick humans.  If you see one, just leave it alone. If you call authorities, they consider it permission to MURDER another one of our state's most honorable symbols.  

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Anonymous said...

That's so true. They are much more scared of you than you could ever be of them. just stay away from the cubs..