Friday, October 13, 2017

Calaveras Guardian--Law Enforcement needs Citizens Complaint Committee

    For years now we have heard about how the Calaveras Law Enforcement community handles complaints!! TRASH CAN!!

   And if a woman complains, talk about them bad, saying "she's probably crazy". That's the Sheriff's favorite way of handling the many complaints.  NOW they have lawsuits pending; with more in the pipeline, we are told!!!

  Nothing is EVER done about it. It is time for the Sheriff's Department, along with the District Attorney and Public Defenders Offices to admit they refuse to properly handle complaints from

   Instead of a propaganda campaign for re-election, which is what the worthless Neighborhood Watch is, and allowing campaigning and fundraising by a supposed unrelated Friends of the Sheriff, do something to really improve law enforcement in Calaveras County.

  With NO campaigners or supporters allowed, allow the Supervisors to appoint, by application, an OVERSIGHT Committee, which will report publicly, each and every complaint lodged against any and all of these departments.

   END the CORRUPTION DiBasilio and Yook!!  And yes, we hear complaints about the Public Defenders Officer too!

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Sam Mollaei said...

Well said. I think it's mandatory to make a committee right now. There are lots of people fall in problem, facing tourble and they don't get the justice. In this way, making committee is mandatory.