Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Corruption in Calaveras County Supervisor Chambers--Ban vote Postponed--again!!

Chair Oliveira was the one
who decided to BAN
Cannabis, not allowing
public comment?
   UPDATE:  Calaveras Supervisors vote to postpone final vote on BAN --  Again!!

   Calaveras Supervisor District 4 Mills, the Alt-Right extremistanti-cannabis leader (along with his wife) brought out a complete report that was not confirmed just before the Supervisors were to vote whether to BAN cannabis
in the county.

  Chair Oliveira ordered a cop to sit and guard he and his fellow anti-cannabis supervisors, in order to make it look like cannabis proponents are violent.

   After several Points of Order and a worthless legal comment from the County Counsel, suddenly
Oliveira (as if pre-planned by he and Mills and Clapp) ordered a 20 minute recess and told the audience that was the time they were being given to digest the report from Mills.

   We have never seen such corruption from any legal body in the history of Calaveras County. They will likely vote to BAN as their Church people have demanded!

  The BOOZER churches, sadly, are back in charge of the Calaveras County government!  Prayers will begin after the vote, for all the people who want medicinal cannabis be allowed to help others!!

   This is about TRUMP and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions promotion of BOOZE in the U.S.  Whoever votes to BAN should be recalled immediately!!

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