Saturday, October 14, 2017

Intelligence lacking in Calaveras County --Boozers, kkk, religious 'holier than thou's'

    It doesn't seem to matter where you go in California; when you mention Calaveras County, people wince and say "Oh, my!"

   It isn't just that there is a high concentration of kkk members or wannabes. It isn't just that there are so many "holier than thou" so-called Christians.

   It's the lack of IQ among the elected officials. "I won't vote for nobody smarter than me!" attitude that causes the entire county to be bathed in corruption, malfeasance and STUPIDITY!!

   Cannabis is just the latest in the RIGHT-WING wackos attempt to control people in the image THEY create. BOOZE is their answer to everything.

   We know this to be true of the most LOUD among them who go to Supervisor and Council meetings. Then begin drinking!! 

   If this isn't proof that the rest of the state is right about Calaveras, nothing is.  Sad, but true. As long as elected officials allow the religious drunks to control this county, we will continue to head downhill and we will be laughed at.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, you hit that one right on the nail head. Cannabis could be a wonderful part of our farming community and a way to bring needed revenue here. But NOOOOOO, those church nuts are allowed to run things???