Sunday, October 1, 2017

National Anthem written by SLAVE Owner

  Why is it that we are forced to play or sing the National Anthem before sporting events. No other civilized country forces the public to patriotism like the US. It is AGAINST black Americans. They should be protesting even more!!! Why do you think TRUMP loves it?

   A slave owner wrote the Star Spangled Banner, and the third verse refers to slaves. Francis Scott Key was not even an American. He was a Brit! Propaganda and brainwashing are built right into the American system and TRUMP wants to force expansion of this!! Sick! Sick!  Sick!


Anonymous said...

Where do you think the people came from that settled in America? Tell me where it is written in the Star Spangled Banner about the black Americans?

Anonymous said...

Correction to my last email Didn't know there were four verses. It refers to hirelings and slaves. Did you know the hirelings and slaves fought with the Brits against the American's in the battle of 1812? We all need to check history before making comments.