Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Never arrest Meth users??? Yook "on the take"? Likes 'dirty cops?"

   Several disturbing comments have been given to us lately regarding Calaveras County law enforcement.

   Since we have been aware for years the DA Yook is "on the take"
due to her extreme conflict of interest and that she resents EVER helping women, we should not be surprised.

  However, last week we were told that she does NOT want the Sheriff arresting petty criminals like pot growers; to let them run because she does not intend to prosecute them.

  Now we have been given information, which we should have expected; DO NOT BOTHER THE METH USERS AND DEALERS IN Calaveras!!  What is wrong in this county.

       Yooks corruption goes right along with, and yet conflicts, with the temporary Sheriff DiBasilio, who only wants to arrest cannabis farmers.

   We also are very aware of her love and affection for "Racists who threaten the President and DIRTY  COPS. Why is this???

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Anonymous said...

The only reason yooko gets away with it is because most aren't paying attention. She's bad, all right.