Thursday, October 12, 2017

NFL boycotts Trump Hotels??? Makes fun of 'retreat' of flag????

   Two important pieces of information came out tonight about Trump and his sudden attacks on NFL players and the flag.

   First, it was made public that the NFL has boycotted ALL Trump Hotels since he became President. Interesting??  We know that's all he really cares about. His company, his money, his reputation.

   Trump gets even for every slight he feels he has been shown.

  Then after watching the Hannity interview on FOX last night, one of the military who was present said that when 'retreat' was played by the bugler, Trump made a big joke...hmmm.

   Anyone who has ever been involved with the military knows that 'retreat' is played when lowering the flag in the evening and you are supposed to stop whatever you are doing and turn and stand to honor the flag. 

   Trump doesn't give a darn about the flag (and he went to a military school), he is only harassing the black players in the NFL out of his hatred and racism and because the NFL refuses to stay in his hotels!!

   Trump is the SHAME of America!! Never have we had a President who makes us so embarrassed to be Americans!!!

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Anonymous said...

Isn't called taps??