Sunday, October 1, 2017

No one showed up???? Oliveira's Ban meeting!! Ban Muetterties???

   Turns out that very few people were interested in Lisa Muetterties and her Supervisor in Calaveras District 3 Oliveira's
planned BAN Cannabis meeting.  We looked for their pal, Alice Montgomery and confidant McmAnus, too!

  They rented the San Andreas town hall and set up all kinds of chairs, but people are sick to death of their religious right wing wacko plan to ban Cannabis.

   Most of them are so jealous because some people may make a lot of money and they aren't part of it, they can't sit still.  Get a life.  Your neighbor can grow 6 plants without your permission anyway, so you are OUT of LUCK!!

   Ms. Muetterties; Many feel you and your shorty partner should not be allowed to sell real estate in Calaveras either, so let's enact a BAN on Muetterties!!!

   And if you want to talk about smell; we can tell you what else should be banned. It's insane what is going on in this ignorant county!!


Anonymous said...

Aren't the muttertis part of the GRWF?? Bang!!

Anonymous said...

Who do they think will come. People are used to cannabis now. Their ban attempt is inconsequential. Eventually they will be thrown out of office and some intelligent people will reinstate it.

Anonymous said...

Who knew farming was bad for the environment? Only Calaveras County.

Anonymous said...

Good one! And Calaveras is a RIGHT TO FARM county, too!! The booze industry must be putting up lots of money to fight this.